Christmas - the time of giving <3 + DIY ideas

Publicado en diciembre 10, 2021 by Shop Nordico

Yay, the most magical time of the year has arrived! ✨ Only a couple of weeks till Christmas. It's time to relax and spend time with family and loved ones. And of course the time to give and receive gifts! If you still haven't decided what to give to your closest people, don't worry, we got you! We collected a bunch of a great gift ideas, cozy interior design ideas and some diy packaging tips!

JUNI Carpet flores & circle and Set BIND for Christmas crafts and interior detail.


Time to get cozy by the candles and a fireplace. 

Carpet OTHELLO, Carpet JUNI flores , GLOW led lights, candles
Go check out our Christmas collection to find the led-lights, candles and cozy blankets. 



We have made a Christmas collection on our website for you to find all the best gift ideas in one place! Here are some sneak peeks of the collection.

Our favorite "Oh Deers" from Affari of Sweden in the cozy Christmas interior.
We have small, medium and large sized deers in the collection.
ICON & XMAS set of 4 candles (17,95€).
RUSTIC candles in grey and sand 2,95€ set of 2. Find all of our candles here.
Cute boxes you can use as a gift box or as an interior design detail!
We have 3 different designs of sets of 2 boxes: Blossom, Earth and Flor. You can find them by directly clicking on the name of the design or by going to shopnordico>living>oficina. 

WARM WISHES - cards for gifts (12-pack 2,95€ in shopnordico) 


Christmas decorations can also be eco-friendly. Natural details in wrapping but also in interior in general look very impressive and are easy to find too.



  • The easiest option is to take a few small innocuous branches if you invested in a real Christmas tree this year. Even if you don't have a real tree, it is easy to find them from forest, from your garden or from a local park. Try holly leaves, pine cones, winterberries, a sprig from a pretty shrub, spruce, pine, fir cuttings or even dried leaves. But remember to take the natural pieces only from the ground and the fallen trimmings, not directly from the trees and plants!
  • Natural pieces look the best with the simple brown paper and natural twine.
  • You can also use old newspapers as a gift wrapping! Newspaper looks gorgeous with red winterberries and gold twine.

  • Other place to look for Christmas decorations is your kitchen! You can dry some orange slices, cut some sprigs of rosemary or use cinnamon sticks. All of these do not only look great but also smell amazing.

  • You can even swap the gift tags for gingerbread alternatives. Before baking make holes into the cookies with a drinking straw and once they are ready you can label them with writing icing.

We wish you all Merry Christmas and relaxing Holidays! 🎄🎀


If you are a professional and you are looking for nordic interior design for your shop, project or event, please contact us at Estilo Nordico or directly at



Photos: Affari of Sweden, Unsplash, Society of Lifestyle 

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